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Placements in Education - a Guide to Our Services

Posted: 16-05-2017

If you are in need of education staff - we are here to help. Here is what you need to do!

Email Us Now


  • Phone or WhatsApp 079 6110369 and speak to Portia about what you need! Alternatively, e mail
  • Tell us what grades, what learning areas, where the school is - and we will go to work at once
  • While we are searching the Database, we will send you the Terms of Business which set out the fees - don’t worry, we know schools are not wealthy - the fees are affordable!
  • OR
  • Talk to us about our “Retainer” Our Retainer Clients no longer pay appointment fees, they pay an affordable term-by-term Retainer and can appoint as many staff as they like without paying appointment fees!
  • As soon as we have a list of candidates for you, we will send you their written Profiles; we’ve checked at least one reference, so you can go ahead and chose the ones you like
  • You go through the written profile and phone the Candidate ( that’s right - talk to them!)
  • Interview the candidates you like the sound of
  • Appoint the one you want - and tell us please so we don’t send that candidate to anyone else!
  • We bill you for the fee when they start work – if you are not on the Retainer!

Simple, you say. Give it a try! There’s no charge for looking!

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